PTC News December 2018

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Several import vehicles, including a few domestic applications have driveshaft assemblies with staked in U-joints. The OE companies originally staked/crimped the universal joint into the driveshaft assembly to reduce production time and costs. These units are generally considered non-serviceable by the OE manufacturer, so you are instructed to replace the entire drive shaft assembly, even if just the U-joint is worn.

PTC now offers a solution with their new line of “staked-in” replacement U-joints. These specially designed U-joints allow you to replace an OE non-serviceable “staked-in” U-joint, thus saving the cost of purchasing an entire replacement driveshaft assembly.

Key Design Features & Benefits:

• Nitrile rubber seals offer premium quality grease retention and contamination resistance
• Bearing caps are induction heated and hardened on the race surface to produce a flexible yet durable steel, allowing for easier installation in tight yoke tolerances
• Save Money! Replace the U-joint vs. the entire driveshaft assembly

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