PTC News December 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PTC Air Filter Program Provides Over 90% Market Coverage

Premium Quality and Performance without the Premium Price

PTC offers a complete line of Air Filters that provide
coverage for both domestic and import applications.
Did you know that as little as eight ounces of dirt can
destroy an engine? Knowing this fact, why take a
chance. Properly maintain your engine by changing
your air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Key Features and Benefits include:
• Premium filter media maximizes protection against contaminants and unnecessary engine wear
• Silicone sealing gasket ensures a proper seal under harsh conditions
• Premium strength bond of rubber end caps and media eliminates unfiltered dirty air from passing through
• Embossed filter paper pleats trap more dirt & last longer
• Designed to maximize the filtration media surface area
• Diamond shape plating on the backside of the filter helps retain proper filter placement within the air filter cowling
• No standard case quantities required – order what you need
• 185 SKU’s available - provide 90% market coverage


Don’t Ignore the Importance of Proper Air Filter Replacement Maintenance

Most car manufacturers recommend air filter replacement every 12,000 to
15,000 miles regardless of whether or not the air filter appears to be clean.
Cars driven in dusty or frequent stop and go conditions will require more
frequent replacement.

A Dirty filter will result in poor gas mileage, and over time could even
damage the spark plugs, if left in long enough. Damaged spark plugs will not
only affect the vehicle's performance, but also the ability to start the engine.

In some cases, a clean air filter will improve gas mileage by as much as 14%
and can increase acceleration by up to 11% depending on the make and model
of car. This translates to a potential per gallon fuel savings of up to 15 cents.

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