PTC News August 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PTC Invests for Efficiency & Productivity

Investment in New State-of-the-art Inventory Management
System Helps Improve Order Processing Efficiency & Productivity

PTC has recently invested in the state-of-the-art automated “Kardex” Inventory Management System to help increase our order efficiency and productivity. Bearings and Seals in particular, are a very sku in-tensive category. This investment has dramatically helped improve our overall inventory management and order fulfillment process to better serve the growing demands of our valued customers.

Benefits of “Kardex” Inventory Management System:
• Maximum use of space on a minimal footprint: In-creased storage space thanks to highly dense storage facility - Reduced required floor space by 50%
• Energy-Saving Technology: Items are delivered to the operator, eliminating wasted time of walking, climbing and bending to process orders
• Increased Picking Accuracy: Reduced errors in picking orders
• Fully Customizable: Each Tray can be programed according to height and weight to speed the order process
• Logicontrol Unit Management Software: Allows PTC to increase productivity by optimizing batch orders and multiple order picking
• Modular System Structure: Able to keep pace with new innovations and future developments

PTC has an extensive Bearing & Seal inventory in stock and ready to ship; We’ve got the right product, the right quality and the right price to meet your needs!

All PTC Bearings & Seals include part number labels with competitive cross references and UPC Codes for your convenience. What’s in your box?


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